Alvetex Alvetex Perfusion Plate

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Dynamic Circulation and Perfusion of Cell Culture Medium Within a Multi-welled Plate

Alvetex Perfusion Plates are a simple, low-cost perfusion system that can combine 3D cell culture with dynamic circulation and perfusion of cell culture media. This product allows scientists to create cell based models that are another step closer to the environment experienced by cells and tissue in vivo. The systems can also be used to create complex co-cultures, multi organ systems and to study paracrine effects.

The Alvetex perfusion system is compatible with the following methods:

  • 3D cell culture using Alvetex well insert technology
  • 3D co-culture using Alvetex well insert technology
  • Standard 2D cell culture
  • Hydrogel-based 3D cell cultures
  • Transwell and well insert technology from various suppliers

Product Name

Alvetex Perfusion Plate

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Pack Contents

  • AVP011-2 — Pack of 2
  • AVP011-10 — Pack of 10

Storage and Stability

Store at room temperature, there is no expiry or shelf life for Alvetex Perfusion Plates. The plate is sterile and ready for use as long as the packaging seal remains intact.

Quality Control

Sterilized by gamma irradiation and remain sterile until the blister packs are opened.

Notice To Purchaser

This product is for research use only, not for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. It is not allowed to sell this product to a third party or use it for commercial purposes without permission from REPROCELL.