Koken Collagen microspheres

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The atelocollagen microspheres (KKN-MIC-00) is prepared from bovine dermal Type I atelocollagen which provides a 3D matrix similar an in vivo environment for cell culture This product has been successfully used as microcarrier beads for culturing fibroblasts, epithelial cells and osteoblasts, and has proven effective for the long-term maintenance of cell cultures.

The atelocollagen microspheres (KKN-MIC-00) are 200-400 µn;m in diameter. Supplied in 15 mL volume, there are about 2 × 105 microspheres per mL (approx. 3 million particles total).


Product Name

Collagen (Atelocollagen) Microspheres (15 mL)

Catalog Number



15 mL

Sphere Dimensions

100-400 µm microsphere diameter
approx. 3800 cm² / bottle surface area
approx. 3 × 106 microspheres per bottle

Storage and Stability

Store at 4 °C (do not freeze)



Notice To Purchaser

REPROCELL is a licensed global distributor of KOKEN’s collagen-derived products everywhere, except for Japan.


Approximately 3 million microspheres per 15 mL


Koken Co., Ltd. (Japan)

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