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Neuro Coat (RCDN201) is an optimized blend of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins for coating plastic surfaces being used to culture human neurons. This cocktail of ECM proteins is ideal for StemRNA Neuro cell cultivation, but works with other iPSC-derived neurons, as well.

  • Recommended for use with all StemRNA Neuro cell types and all Neuro medium
  • Provides the proper ECM protein factors for neuro-cell attachment and maturation
  • Supplied as a frozen cocktail (store at −20 °C)
  • Thaw, dilute and apply to polystyrene plastic surfaces (cell culture plates and dishes)
  • Enough material to coat the surface of an entire 96-well plate

StemRNA Neuro human iPSC-derived neurons are convenient frozen cells for wide range of applications:

StemRNA Neuro iPS-derived neurons are delivered as frozen single cells. The thawed neuroprogenitors mature during 2-3 weeks of culture in Neuro Culture Medium (RCDN101) on surfaces treated with Neuro Coat (RCDN201).

StemRNA Neuro Models:

A variety of neuron models provide researchers with the opportunity to study physiologic differences between healthy and AlzheimerÕs disease (AD) cells.

StemRNA Neuro (RCDN001)

Wild-type neurons for general purpose assays

StemRNA Neuro AD-Patient 1 (RCDN003P)

Patient-derived AD mutation from a patient with late-stage Type 4 (AD4) familial AD (PSEN2 mutation).

StemRNA Neuro AD-Mutation (RCDN002N)

Engineered AD mutation (PSEN1) in wild-type iPS background.

Media for StemRNA Neuro

Note that one of the following media is required for proper maturation of the StemRNA Neuro neurons:

Neuro Culture Medium (RCDN101)

Standard medium for general purpose assays

Neuro MQ Culture Medium

Culture medium specially formulated for maximum performance in MEA (multiple electrode array) assays.

Characterization and application of Neuro

ReproNeuro neurons are delivered frozen, but after thawing they retain structural integrity and function thanks to our specially developed freezing technology.

Product Name

Neuro Coat

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150 µL

Storage and Stability

store at −20 °C