Ajinomoto Activin A Solution, Human Recombinant

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Activin A is a research-grade cytokine preparation providing the highest purity available. Activin A is bi-modal in action having been shown to maintain pluripotency of stem cells and promote differentiation1,2,3,4. Mature recombinant human Activin A is a ~25 kDa disulfide-linked homodimer of two 116 amino acid residue βA subunits. 



Product Name

Activin A Solution, Human Recombinant

Catalog Number




10 µg (03-0020)

50 µg (03-0020-50)


Greater than 97% by SDS-PAGE or HPLC analysis


Solution  in acetate buffer, pH 4.6


Thaw on ice, and store on ice during use. Centrifuge briefly to send droplets to the bottom of the tube. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw. Make single-use aliquots after thawing. Aliquots should be stored at -80 °C for no more than 3 years.

Storage and Stability

Activin A is shipped on dry ice. Activin A Solution should be stored at  −80 °C.


E. coli


Sterile (0.2 µm filter)

Endotoxin Level

Less than 0.01 EU/µg of Activin A

Biologic Activity

The ED50 is within ±50% of WHO Standard (K562).

Intended Use

This product is intended for Research Use Only (RUO). Not intended for therapeutic, clinical, or diagnostic use.