Biological Industries NutriStem hPSC XF Medium

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Notice to clinical users: A Drug Master File for NutriStem medium has been filed with the US FDA. Please contact us for more information.

NutriStem hPSC XF Medium (formerly called NutriStem XF/FF Culture Medium) is a fully defined xeno-free, low growth factor human embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell feeder-free culture medium that enables maintenance and expansion of pluripotent stem cells. NutriStem Medium can be used to culture pluripotent stem cells for at least 20 passages while retaining pluripotency marker expression, robust proliferation with a normal karyotype, and the ability to differentiate into cells of all three germ layers in vitro and in vivo. NutriStem Medium offers the ability to culture cells in a completely xeno-free medium without the need for high levels of basic FGF and other stimulatory growth factors and cytokines. In addition, the superior cell attachment and proliferation observed with NutriStem Medium aid high-throughput screening applications.

  • Xeno-free, feeder-free conditions contain no animal components
  • Easy, one-step transition from feeder-dependent culture, no adaptation required
  • Maintains pluripotency, normal morphology, karyotype, and differentiation potential of human ES and iPS cells over long term culture
  • Robust attachment and high cloning efficiency from single cells

Morphology of H1 cells in NutriStem Medium (01-0005)

Morphology of Human H1 ES cells Grown in NutriStem hPSC XF Medium for 20 passages.

Expression of pluripotency markers in NutriStem (01-0005)

Expression of Pluripotency Markers in hES Cells Cultured in NutriStem hPSC XF medium.

Growth curve in NutriStem medium (01-0005).

Proliferation Growth Rate of Human H1 ES cells Cultured in NutriStem hPSC XF Medium versus Competitor Medium.

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Product Specifications

Product Name

NutriStem hPSC XF Medium

Catalog Number

01-0005 (Biological Industries Cat # 05-100-1A): 500 mL

01-0005-100 (Biological Industries Cat # 05-100-1B): 100 mL

Storage and Stability

Store at −20°C. This product is stable for a minimum of 3 months when stored as directed.

Quality Control

NutriStem Medium tested negative for mycoplasma. Human pluripotent stem cells expressed the pluripotency markers SSEA-4, TRA-1-60, and TRA-1-81 after three continuous passages in NutriStem Medium



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