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StemFIt Basic 02 is a cell culture medium optimized for iPS cell expansion and maintenance. This medium supports cultivation of cells in both attached and suspension format. The medium also enables single cell passaging of iPSCs. We recommended supplementing the medium with Y27632 Rock Inhibitor; Cat. No. 04-0012. For complete medium preparation, two separate components need to be mixed, and the addition of bFGF (03-0002) is also required (not supplied with this product).

StemFit ASB01 medium is configured for sale in the USA and European market. Please contact us for a configuration sold in Japan and Asia. This product is manufactured by Ajinomoto Company (Japan).

Product Name

StemFit Basic 02 Cell Culture Medium

Catalog Number



500 mL

Storage and Stability

Store components separately as indicated (−20 °C); store reconstituted medium at 4 °C



Related Products

StemFit AK02N medium is a functionally equivalent formulation sold in Japan.

Recommended Usage

For cultivation of stem cells or iPSCs

System Components

The product consists of 2 components; a base medium (400 mL), and an additive (100 mL)


Ajinomoto Co. (Japan)

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