Matrixome iMatrix 111 Cell Culture Substrate

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Recombinant Laminin-111 E-8 Fragments

iMatrix-111's features make it an ideal matrix for some cell culture applications:

  • Xeno-free formulation / CHO-S cell bioproduction
  • Easy to use (liquid format)
  • E8-fragments retain integrin binding specificity and capacity, and display higher potency than natural Laminin-221

iMatrix-111 is a highly purified and refined product of human recombinant laminin-111 (E8 fragment) expressed by CHO-S cells. Laminin 111 supports the survival, proliferation, and differentiation of many different cell types in vitro. However, its distribution after birth is restricted to only a few tissues, such as the brain and kidney. Many of the cultivated cell types would not encounter this protein naturally in vivo and it is advisable to match your specific cell type to the laminin naturally expressed by this cell, improving the cell culture. During development, Riechert’s membrane supporting the extraembryonic trophoblasts express laminin 111. Reichert’s membrane is essential for epiblast differentiation, which is essential for the formation of the three embryonic germ layers by pluripotent cells in the inner cell mass.

In the adult, laminin α1 chain expression is relatively restricted and is only present in some epithelial basement membranes, and primarily found in tissues such as the eye, liver, and kidney, whereas hardly expressed at all in endothelial, adipose, nervous, or muscle tissues.


Product Name

iMatrix-111 Cell Culture Substrate

Catalog Number




  • NP892-071 — 2 × 175 µg
  • NP892-072 — 6 × 175 µg

Molecular Weight

150 kDa


>95% pure


Purified Laminin-111 E8 proteolytic fragment

Storage and Stability

Store at 4 °C and protect from light exposure. Stable for 2 years from manufacturing date.

Quality Control

Activity: Kd for integrin binding



Notice To Purchaser

REPROCELL is a licensed distributor of Matrixome cell culture substrates to the global market.

Recommended Usage

iMatrix-111 is suitable for use as a substrate for culture of various cell types.


500 µg/mL


CHO-S cell expression


Matrixome Corporation (Japan)